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Keynote Video

Mon 4 Dec 2023
6:00 am (UTC)
Apprenticeship Programme

Remembering: Extracting the juice! As we come to the end of another epic year, here on the Movement Medicine Study Hub we are taking the time to remember and to honour the victories, the defeats, the successes and failures, and to acknowledge the beauties and the beasts of this past year. 

We offer you a life enhancing perspective on the importance of appreciation, gratitude and celebration as well as dancing with awareness of the grief and the suffering we have felt and witnessed.  This month’s focus gives you embodied and creative practices to support your life journey with a dose of soulful remembering of the year.

This month's Keynote is in two parts: part one is a conversation about why remembering in this way matters. Part two is an invitation to join us in doing this creatively. Enjoy!

We will use our practice to share the knowledge we have gathered over the years about how to do this in creative and embodied ways, using our practice and the unbroken intelligence of life that is the dance to support us to learn what we can, release what needs releasing and make space for the new as the old year comes to an end and the new year appears on the horizon. Our focus in January will be to open ourselves to guidance for the year ahead. 

The Connection Game is mentioned in the "A Conversation" Keynote. Enjoy!